Topic: Our Company Requirements & Metrix

I would like to know if the following requirements of my company can be met by this product?
1)Interfacing with Vigilance, Billing, Customer Handling & Scada.
2)Avalability Based Tariff Requirement.
3)Load Forecasting.
4)Energy Auditing.
5)Exceptional Reports like like tamper flags etc..
6)Power Quality Monitering.
7)Is your S/W upgradable?
8)Self communication check.
9)Addition or deletion of meter is possible?
10)Data Warehousing S/W inbuilt.
11)Time Synchronization Management.

Thanks & Regards,
Swati Sinha,
Reliance Enery Ltd.,


Re: Our Company Requirements & Metrix

Hi Swati,

Sorry for the lag in response.

Metrix cannot handle what you are looking for. Nor do any of the software packages we represent. You are looking for a specific web application, and the only one that I've seen costs upwards of $100,000.

Try Itron.


Re: Our Company Requirements & Metrix

Hey Rajesh,

No, I certainly don't mind you trying to help out someone that we can't.

I'm glad you found our forums, and welcome!