Topic: Industrial Users

I noticed that the last post related to an inquiry on the use of M4 in industrial arenas was in 2004.  In that string it was mentioned that there may be some industrial users on the horizon.  Have any materialized?  Has M4 (or any of the other products) been deployed in an industrial environment?  I would be interested in discussing your products capabilities and any hearing about any case studies or analysis of this type of deployment?


Re: Industrial Users

We have a few industrial users, one of which is an automotive plant.
Metrix works well with industrial plants' usage if:
(1) there is a relationship between some independent variable (such as widget production, or number of shifts, or number of production hours), and usage.
(2) you can get production data for your base year, and well into the future, and that your production data is in as fine an increment as your bill data, that is, if you get monthly bills, then your production numbers must be monthly.
(3) there is variation in production data (or other independent variable) from month to month

The best way to find out if it works, is just to call us or email us, and provide us with 12 months of your widget data, and 12 months of bills, even better, send us 24 months.  We can put together a sample project and you can see for yourself if it works.