Topic: Baseline + Offset

I am tuning a meter that has some correlation to hdd and cdd, as all of my t stats and cvrmse are fine.  My R-Square was below 62 and I know that building has electric reheats, constant volume and many reheats and dampers were not working correctly.  The bldg. also ran 24hours.  I decided, after much thought to de-select and bill-match a few bills.  I ran a few reports and decided to calculate the Baseline and noticed that the Offset is not calculated as part of the Baseline.  If the offset is not used to calculate the new baseline, why is it a part of the baseline calculation?  Is it calculated in the Base Year but not in future years?


Re: Baseline + Offset

It sounds like you know what you are talking about.  The baseline as calculated should include both the fit line equation plus any offsets.  But offsets only for those months that you are billmatching.  This is really one of those issues for technical support.  We would have to see your project, and then we could take a look at it, and see what exactly is happening.  Sorry for the late response.