Topic: Can we upgrade from Metrix 3.1 to 4.0?


I just purchased Metrix 3.1 and I am now reading that 4.0 is done and will be offered soon or is being offered. Will we be offered the new program? Do we have to pay a additional fee if we just purchased the old program?


Re: Can we upgrade from Metrix 3.1 to 4.0?

Well, you weren't stung. Don't worry. The last thing any business wants to do is anger their customers. Right now we are not selling Metrix to ESCOs, but we will be soon. If you are a school district, college, university, government or private industry, then you can upgrade, however, there is a cost, but it isn't that much, it is an upgrade cost. If you would have just bought Metrix 4, rather than Metrix 3, you wouldn't pay any less or more.


Re: Can we upgrade from Metrix 3.1 to 4.0?

Metrix 4 has been released, and we are offering upgrades now. The upgrade price is simply the difference between the price of Metrix 3 and the new proce for Metrix 4.

All your old Metrix 3 files will open seamlessly in Metrix 4. If you are interested in an upgrade, please contact me at patrick.klima@abraxasenergy.com or 805-438-4847.


Patrick Klima