Topic: Tuning Metrix

I tuned a Metrix project/meter and did a bill matching using a fractional % offset (percentage automatically calculated by Metrix) using Metrix 3.0. I converted the file to Metrix 4. Now, when I create a tuning report using report maker, it shows every modification as "Offset" (absolute) instead of "multiplier" (i.e. percentage). This is not the way it performed before in Metrix 3.10.

Any reason why and is there any solution/fix?

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Re: Tuning Metrix

I know exactly what you are asking. In the tuning report, the fractional offset column is missing. So instead, they are being reported as equivalent absolute offsets. In reality, Metrix will be using fractional offsets when you generate baseline numbers.

To test it, make a baseline / actual report in Metrix 3 and another one in Metrix 4, you should see the results are the same.


Re: Tuning Metrix

Any fixes yet?

Do you have an idea of when it is going to be fixed? People who review our reports want to quickly understand the adjustments so it is important to them to know what number comes from what adjustment and verify that we do not change the formula yearly. Any other solution or suggestion other than working with Metrix 3 for the tuning report?


Re: Tuning Metrix

I think for now, it might be best to use the Metrix 3 tuning report.

We haven't considered changing the tuning report so that it had both types of adjustments, as Metrix just converts the fractional offsets to absolute anyway.

But I do see your point. We can look into it, but I fear it will not be resolved in the next release.