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I've been assigned the job to use Metrix at my job. Unfortunately this company is not going to have any training. I downloaded the manual and I'm trying to get through this telephone book of information. My question is about the actuall tuning. I'm not so sure what I'm supposed to do, I mean for the most part I understand. I was wondering is there anywere I can get more information on the Tuning aspect of Metrix, What it is?, How do you preform Tuning?, What am I looking for as far as results?, and is there anywere I can get a standard list like ( The How to Set Up a Metrix Project ) I got off this website. Hope someone can help me.


Re: I need help


Try the tutorial in chapter 2 of the users manual. That will give you a good clue of the steps you need to take in order to set up a project, and tune it.

To understand what tuning is all about, I suggest you go to our homepage, and on the left, you will see a link for Metrix FAQs. Take a look at that.


Re: I need help

Here is a link to the Abraxas Energy Consulting FAQ: