SDG&E Pays Commercial Customers up to $25,000 for Retrocommissioning

SDG&E has set aside substantial cash subsidies for certain commercial customers.

These funds will help pay for retrocommissioning: an in-depth process for optimizing the existing electrical, mechanical, and control systems inside a building.

Typically, energy managers must justify the expense of a full retrocommissioning by promising substantial cost savings. With SDG&E pledging up to $25,000 per facility, experienced 3rd party auditors like Abraxas Energy Consulting can work quickly to customize the right approach for maximizing savings in qualifying facilities.

"By taking advantage of this program, qualifying customers can reduce their energy costs by up to 15% savings, typically about 10%, with little or no out of pocket expense," said Dawn Turner, Retrocommissioning Programs Manager for Abraxas Energy Consulting.  

Abraxas Energy Consulting is one of the only energy service providers in California to gain authorization from PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE to provide retrocommissioning services and energy efficiency assessments.

To confirm your eligibility and learn how to enroll in SDG&E's 2012-2013 Retrocommissioning Program, schedule a no-cost, no obligation consultation.


What Is Included in the 2012-2013 SDG&E Retrocommissioning Program?

Qualifying facilities receive a customized efficiency study, paid for by SDG&E, from an energy expert at Abraxas Energy Consulting. This 3-5 month investigation digs deep into your energy systems to uncover savings opportunities. The investigation includes interviews with key staff, a review of your utility bills, systems tests, and an engineering analysis.

You will walk away with a list of actionable energy-saving measures.

SDG&E's Program also offers you financial incentives to install these improvements. You can choose to implement these measures with in-house staff or with a third party contractor.

Once your implementation is finished, Abraxas Energy Consulting will verify your energy savings with our proven energy tracking software. Based on this proof, SDG&E will pay you the implementation incentive. Some facilities are also eligible to continue on with the SDG&E's free Performance Tracking option.

What is Retrocommissioning?

Retrocommissioning is a systematic process for evaluating the mechanical, lighting, and control systems in an existing building and finding possible efficiency measures. Typical issues identified include:

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Lighting and HVAC running when not required
  • Control sensors out of calibration
  • Less than optimal use of existing components, such as "free cooling" with economizers

By addressing common problems, Retrocommissioning can eliminate energy waste while improving the performance and increasing the life of your building's systems.

Get your questions answered during a no-cost, no-obligation efficiency consultation with an experienced energy engineer

  • Find out what financial incentives are available to you
  • Learn how you can get a free, 3rd party efficiency study of your facility
  • Get help submitting your facility application to SDG&E

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