How to Use SDG&E Funds to Boost Your Energy Management Program

SDG&E Will Pay You Up To $25,000 to Reduce Your Energy Costs

SDG&E has set aside limited funds to help energy managers like you reduce their energy costs.

If you want to see your energy management program grow dramatically in the next 6 months, a little-known program by SDG&E might pay for the improvements you want to make. For a limited time, get up to $25,000 for a free energy efficiency study of your facility.

Hundreds of energy managers in your local area have already surprised colleagues and managers by paying for new efficiency measures with money from SDG&E.

The SDG&E Retrocommissioning Program offers up to $25,000 per facility. But, you must apply before funds run out.

Once approved for the SDG&E Retrocommissining Program, your energy efficiency study will include:

  • Low-cost and no-cost measures that yield a quick payback, often just a few months.
  • An on-site review of your entire facility by an energy expert.
  • More financial incentives from [utility] to implement your conservation measures.

Not all facilities will qualify. Let one of our efficiency engineers guide you through the application process, and receive your SDG&E funds quickly.



What is Retrocommissioning?

Retrocommissioning is a systematic process for evaluating the mechanical, lighting, and control systems in an existing building and finding possible efficiency measures. Typical issues identified include:

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Lighting and HVAC running when not required
  • Control sensors out of calibration
  • Less than optimal use of existing components, such as "free cooling" with economizers

By addressing common problems, Retrocommissioning can eliminate energy waste while improving the performance and increasing the life of your building's systems.

Get your questions answered during a no-cost, no-obligation efficiency consultation with an experienced energy engineer

  • Find out what financial incentives are available to you
  • Learn how you can get a free, 3rd party efficiency study of your facility
  • Get help submitting your facility application to SDG&E