How to Comply with the San Francisco Energy Audit Ordinance

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Businesses throughout the San Francisco are feeling the impact of 0017-11, the Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance.

New Requirement: Commercial buildings in San Francisco must perform an ASHRAE efficiency audit and energy benchmarking.

Hundreds of commercial building owners across the US have already called on Abraxas Energy Consulting to perform energy audits. Abraxas has:

- Nearly 20 years of experience in energy efficiency auditing and building controls

- Knowledgeable energy engineers standing by to answer your questions

- A proven history of uncovering energy savings for clients.

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How You Can Benefit from 0017-11

Building owners will likely save money, despite the initial cost of the required audit.

Working with an experienced team of energy engineers, your energy efficiency audit will reveal low-cost and no-cost efficiency measures.

Your audit will pay for itself within months, and continue saving money for years to come.

Your Challenge

"The difficulty is finding a qualified energy engineer. Not all energy audits are created equal. A great deal is riding on this decision, and you only get one chance to make it," explains Monica Alderette, Vice-President of Abraxas Energy Consulting.

Let Abraxas Energy Consulting help you set the right course for reducing your energy costs and complying with the San Francisco ordinance.


How will the SF Energy Ordinance Be Enforced?

Enforcement Step 1 - Written notice issued by City of San Francisco to the building owner.

Enforcement Step 2 - Public notices will be posted 30 days or more after a deadline, by  the Department of Environment, indicating via a public website that a building is not in compliance with local law.

Enforcement Step 3 - Fines will issued 45 days after the written notice, ranging from $50 - $100 per day.

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