The San Francisco Energy Audit Ordinance Requirement

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"Abraxas gave me a great competitive bid for my San Francisco property. They worked around my busy schedule to coordinate the audit time, and were professional on all fronts. They also quickly completed the necessary paperwork and audit process with SF Environment. I am 100% satisfied with their customer service, execution, and reporting."

Marc M. Property Manager, San Francisco
Let Abraxas Energy Consulting help you set the right course for reducing your energy costs and complying with the San Francisco ordinance.    

How will the SF Energy Ordinance Be Enforced?

Enforcement Step 1 - Written notice issued by City of San Francisco to the building owner.

Enforcement Step 2 - Public notices will be posted 30 days or more after a deadline, by  the Department of Environment, indicating via a public website that a building is not in compliance with local law.

Enforcement Step 3 - Fines will issued 45 days after the written notice, ranging from $50 - $100 per day.

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Chase Bank, San Francisco, Abraxas Ashrae Level II audit
Chase Bank, San Francisco, Abraxas Ashrae Level II audit