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  • There is a wrong way to spend Prop 39 money, and many will follow this path. Unfortunately this will impact our opportunities for future funding.
  • There are hundreds of technologies and services that claim to save energy, most of them do, and some do not, despite what their salespeople claim.
  • It is for this reason that the Prop 39 is suggesting that you have independent energy audits done by vendor neutral companies.

Abraxas Help Guide

With Abraxas Energy Consulting, we’ll begin by offering you a  5 Year Energy Master Plan Guide:

  • Our free 5 year plan highlights what schools should know about measurement and verification (M&V) which at the heart of the Proposition.
  • Establishes the process to achieve results by developing a Sustainable Energy Master Plan.
  • It  helps you navigate  Prop 39 funds without selling you products you don’t need.


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Contact us, Toll Free: 866-480-7711



California School District Funding


At Abraxas Energy Consulting we have been working with Local California schools for over 14 years.  Our professional and qualified engineers provide Metrix M&V software, Benchmarking, ASHRAE Level I and II, and Retro-commissioning Energy Audits. We bring the experience and know how to establish your best way forward.

Proposition 39 5 Year Energy Master Plan for Schools

Abraxas’ : Proposition 39 Solution, Free 5 – Year Energy Master Plan Guide for Schools



Tom Steyer, California Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist who was the leading sponsor of Proposition 39 standing with Abraxas’ Monica Alderette

Abraxas Clients include California Community Colleges and K-12 School Districts:

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), San Diego Unified School District , Atascadero School Unified School District , Santa Barbara Hope School District, Merced Union High School District,El Monte City School District, Create Energy Metrix Models for 5 Schools:  Bancroft, Crescent, Canyon, Community Magnate, Fairburn.


August 2013 Alan Hancock Community College ASHRAE Level 2 Free Audit

Abraxas Energy Consulting  Energy Auditors Community College Kickoff Meeting Abraxas Energy Consulting  Energy Auditors Community College Hancock
“ Abraxas’ Energy accounting is the backbone of the school district’s energy management program. The detail I am able to bring to administrative meetings demonstrates a level of expertise and knowledge that was previously impossible to report on.”– Jim Faes, Energy Educator- Jefferson County Schools

“Abraxas performed ASHRAE Level II Energy and Water Audits on 8 buildings at MCAS Miramar, totaling over 700,000 sq. feet. Their recommendations have the potential to lead to a 26% energy reduction and 24% cost savings with an average payback of less than 6 years. I highly recommend their services. I would absolutely work with them again.”—Chris Garvin, P.E.,CEM, LEED AP Ret. Public Works Officer,  Marine Corps Airs Station Miramar

Abraxas Energy Consulting  Energy Auditors in front of old boiler

Abraxas Energy Consulting  Energy Auditors Community College Building 1

“Since we began retrofitting facilities in September of 1997 until the end of April 2005, the University of Manitoba has saved over $19M on utilities. My Metrix energy accounting software experience has been extremely successful!”– Mike Ferley, University of Manitoba Energy Advocate

Qualifications Summary: Abraxas has supplied services to customers on 5 continents, and has taught energy efficiency throughout the world. Our customers include Atascadero Unified School District, Santa Barbara Hope School District, LAUSD, The County of San Luis Obispo, Reagan Library, The California Association of Realtors ,PG&E, Southern California Edison, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Honeywell, Chevron Energy Solutions,  Pepco, Chase Manhattan Bank, Accor Hotel, Pfizer, Purina, Macys, JC Penny, and the government agencies (GSA, Veterans Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, US Navy, FBI, Fish & Wildlife Services,), the states of South Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado.


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