Why Purchase Software From Us

Other software vendors just sell software. They may help you set up your database and teach you how to use it, but their usefulness ends there, as does the partnership. The other guys are software experts, not energy experts.

We sell utility bill auditing software too, but we understand the whole picture, and will do our best to help you understand it as well. Utility bill tracking should be at the center of a successful energy management program, but for your utility bill tracking to be worthwhile, you need to know all the things you can do with the utility billing software, and why you might do it. We won’t just tell you how to make reports, but what reports to make, and what they are telling you. We offer monthly teleconferences that start with broader energy management topics and end with how you can address them using your utility bill tracking database. The others don’t and can’t. We are energy experts first and foremost.