Energy Consulting

Consulting & Auditing

Abraxas Energy Consulting provides a variety of energy management software services to its clients. We have worked with over one hundred schools, government agencies and private companies on projects both large and small. We can provide you with the expertise and software tools you need to best help you manage your energy usage. Take a moment to view our overview of energy management services.


Commercial Building Energy Audits

Commercial Building Energy Audits

Interested in saving energy in your facility? Let Abraxas Energy Consulting help! We’ve performed hundreds of commercial energy audits all over the world. We can perform any type of building energy audit desired, from a preliminary audit to a full-scale investment-grade audit. There is no better way to save energy in your facility than by having a building energy audit performed — and there is no better company for energy auditing than Abraxas Energy Consulting!

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Retrocommissioning (RCx)

Retrocommissioning (RCx) (also known as recommissioning) is the systematic process that optimizes your building controls to improve building systems and operations. Improvements can be seen in energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, safety, comfort, and even equipment lifetimes. With such amazing benefits RCx is actually one of the least expensive investments to your building you can make. For RCx, the average payback time is only 1.1 years!

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LEED Services

LEED Services

Abraxas and our strategic partners are here to support your goal of achieving LEED-EB certification. Regardless of whom you choose to facilitate your LEED-EB process, we can integrate our engineering services to help you reduce consumption and cut costs.

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Utility Bill Entry Services

Bill Entry Services

Don’t have time to set up your Utility tracking system? Let the experts do the dirty work. Tracking and managing utility bills can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Many managers don’t have the time or resources to devote to this thankless task. Use your time more effectively. Let Abraxas Energy Consulting track and analyze your utility bills for you.

Utility Bill Tracking Document (PDF format – 851KB)

Utility Bill Auditing and Energy Consulting

Utility Bill Auditing

One painless way to reduce energy expenditures is to find and resolve utility billing errors. The US House Ways and Means Committee reported “In a single year, public utility companies have over-billed their customers by approximately $19 Billion. Errors were discovered in more than 70% of the utility customer’s bills, and of these approximately 90% were in favor of the utility companies.” Using our proprietary utility auditing tools, Abraxas Energy Consulting can not only find billing errors for you, but can also recover for you the money your utility owes you–all this for a percentage of the funds recovered from the utility.

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