SAMPLE M&V Language for Performance Contract

We have constructed sample language you may be able to amend and put into your performance contracts. This document may contain every provision you need in order to comply with the IPMVP and it may thoroughly explains how Metrix is calculating your energy savings.

If you want this file in a word document, fill out the form below, and we will get one to you.

Download PDF file. C Metrix 4 Contact Section 111412.pdf

Request Performance Contract Example Word Document:

We strongly suggest you read every word and make changes to it before using this in your performance contracts. Your lawyer should approve the wording before you submit this to a customer.

Legal Disclaimer: This is SAMPLE language. We advise you NOT to use this wording as is. We do NOT claim that this document is accurate or correct or appropriate. We do NOT advise anyone to use the language in the document. The document is presented for informational purposes only.