Metrix Services

Metrix 4 Utility Accounting SoftwareWe Can Help With Your Metrix Projects

Did you know that Abraxas Energy Consulting can provide Metrix help for your projects? Besides Metrix technical support, Abraxas Energy Consulting offers a wide variety of services and tools that can simplify your job at reasonable cost. Below is a list of the tools and services we have been providing for our customers:

  1. Let us create your Metrix files for you. You give us a list of meters, areas, and sites in Excel, and we will then transform the list into a Metrix project. This can be an especially good deal on large projects.
  2. Find missing bills in your large Metrix projects. If you are tracking hundreds of meters, there are likely hundreds of utility bills that you are missing. We have a program that we can run that will list the likely missing bills. Think of the hours we can save you!
  3. Are you a Faser 2000 user who wants to convert to Metrix? We can convert your Faser 2000 project for you.
  4. Are your Metrix projects getting too large and unwieldy? We have seen projects with over 10 years of bills in them. We have developed a program that can remove old utility bills (and modifications and measures) from your projects.
  5. “We reached out to Abraxas for help when we got overwhelmed with work. They responded quickly and professionally, priced the work reasonably, and executed well. Abraxas is a great resource
    Cindy Kuenzi, ESG

  6. Are you tired of utilities changing account numbers and meter numbers on you? If you are tracking large numbers of meters, this can be a real pain in the neck! Fortunately, we have a solution for you. We have developed a program that will automatically determine when account numbers or meter numbers have changed, and will be able to still assign the correct meter name and account number to the Metrix import file. This way you will not ever need to keep track of these changes again. It will be done automatically for you. Call us for information and ask about the Metrix Import Expert.
  7. Need your data converted for import into Metrix? We can also create Excel-based tools that automatically convert bill data in your electronic format to mt1 files that can be imported into the Metrix software.
  8. Don’t have time to tune your meters? We can tune your meters for you.
  9. Don’t have time to enter your rates? If you don’t have time to learn (or relearn) rates in Metrix, we can create rates for you.
  10. Attend a Regional Training. Finally, we offer scheduled Regional Trainings and On-Site Trainings at your location. Click here for more information on Metrix software training.