Federal Project List

We used two different contracts and contractors to accomplish energy and water audits. Abraxas was head and shoulders superior to other contractors. In hindsight, I wish we had give all of the work to Abraxas. – Abraxas BOA Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) Barstow Marine Base

Federal Project Experience (2010-present)

The following is a list of some of our recent federal projects. All of our federal energy/water audits meet EISA 432 compliance requirements.

FBI Logo
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation: ASHRAE Level 1 audits of 4 sites, 13 buildings, 3,376,000 square feet.
  • GSA Region 8: ASHRAE Level 2, EISA Audits 10 locations; 256,000 square feet.
  • GSA Region 9: Energy audits/commissioning at Pasadena Social Security and Weinberger Courthouse.
Indian Health Service Logo
  • IHS, Whiteriver Indian Hospital, AZ: ASHRAE Level 2 audit and Retro commissioning; 89,344 square feet.
Joint Base Logo
  • Joint Base Lewis McChord: ASHRAE Level 2 audits of 112 buildings, 1,900,000 square feet.
Luke Air Force Base
  • Luke Air Force Base- currently performing retro commissioning of three base buildings.
  • Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow: Base wide IGAs, 40 buildings; 1,326,389 square feet.Marine Corps Air Station Miramar: Base wide Building Energy Audits: 8 buildings; 695,000 square feet.
Navy Bureau of Medicine
  • Navy Bureau of Medicine: EISA compliant audits of 3,700,000 square feet in past three years, Task Order for FY 2015 is for another 3 Million square feet.
US Army Corps of Engineers
  • USACE, Kansas City: ASHRAE Level 2 audits.
Department of Reclaimation
  • US Bureau of Reclamation: EISA Audits Bureau wide, 90 buildings, 350,000 square feet.
US FIsh and Wildlife Service
  • US Fish & Wildlife, Region 6: Region wide EISA Energy Audits, 12 locations; 306,400 square feet.
  • US Fish & Wildlife, Dexter Fish Hatchery: EISA Energy Audit, 44,000 square feet.
  • US Fish & Wildlife, Region 7: Region wide EISA Energy Audit s, 9 locations; 335,560 square feet.
  • US Fish & Wildlife Region 3: EISA Energy audits, 2 locations; 114,000 square feet.
  • USDA, Agricultural Research Facility, Yakima, WA: ASHRAE Level 1 audit.
  • USGS: Utility Bill Tracking Services for 450 accounts, year 2 of 5 year contract.
VA pic Federal Projects
  • VA Hospitals: Energy audits at multiple VA Medical Facilities in CA and NY; Retro- commissioning at 2 VA Medical Facilities in Texas; currently performing Retro- commissioning at Southern CA sites.
  • USCG Petaluma: Comprehensive Energy Services including ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 audits, water audits, Retro commissioning, leak detection and metering.