Licensing Requests

More Information / FAQs

A license MUST match two things:

  1. Your Computer ID/GUID (not your name) – this is unique to the computer Metrix or Option C is installed on.
  2. A Max Release Date – if your license is for Metrix 4.3, it won’t work for Metrix 4.4.

Do I need a separate license for ReportMaker?

No, the Metrix license works for both.

Do I need a separate license for FastData Deluxe?

Yes, please contact us for more information at

What is a Computer ID/GUID?

Your Computer ID/GUID is basically your computer’s fingerprint – it’s different for every computer. Metrix uses a Computer ID; Option C uses a computer GUID. One license will work for only one Computer ID/GUID at any given time, and therefore will only work on one computer. If you own or use more than one computer, you must choose which one you want to run Metrix or Option C on.

Where is my Computer ID located?

In Metrix, your Computer ID is displayed on the second line down in the “License Status” box inside of Metrix. Follow these instructions to make this box appear:

  1. If your copy of Metrix is currently unlicensed (or has an expired evaluation license), the “License Status” box will be what you’re immediately prompted with when you open Metrix.
  2. If your copy of Metrix is already licensed, click on the “Help” tab at the top of the window, then select “License Status.”

Where is my Computer GUID located?

In Option C, your Computer GUID is displayed in the top field of the License Import Tool. Follow these instructions to make this tool appear:

  1. Run Option C, then click ‘Help’ in the left menu. Click the ‘Import License’ button, which will appear in the center panel. The License Import Tool window will appear.
  2. The Option C Help page, accessed above, displays the software serial number in the right panel, under the ‘About Option C’. Your serial number is identical to your Computer GUID.

How can I import my Metrix license?

Go to Microsoft Start Button > (Programs >) Metrix 4 > “Import License,” browse to the location of the license file and select it, and check to see if the expiration date is now correct. If everything looks right, click on “Run When Finished.”

How can I import my Option C license?

Run Option C, then launch the License Import Tool, by clicking ´Help´ in the left menu, then clicking ´Import License´. Copy the text of the Option C license you received from us, then paste it into the lower panel “Imported license details”. Click ´Import´. The License Import Tool will close automatically. You can then check the details under ´About Option C´ in the right of the Help page, to see your license status. If your license details are unchanged after import, try restarting the software. If they still appear incorrect, contact Helpdesk for support.

Am I eligible for the latest version of Metrix / Option C?

Metrix and Option C customers receive a year of free updates (new releases) from the date that their license was purchased on. The date that your free updates expire is called your “Max Release Date.”

If it is currently past your Max Release Date, yet you would like to renew your maintenance package for another year’s worth of updates (which includes unlimited technical support during this time), please click here.

What version of Metrix am I currently using?

Launch Metrix, click on the “Help” tab, and select “About Metrix” On the screen that pops up, under “Version & Dates”, and right of “Metrix4.exe” you will see “V X.X.X”. The numbers given in place of the X´s are your current version.

What version of Option C am I currently using?

Launch Option C, click on the “Help” tab, and look under the “About Option C” section on the right. The Version number will be listed at the top of the list.

Nothing from the above answered my question! What can I do?!?!

Fill out the form above with the information that appropriately matches your question, and we will be more than happy to get in touch and answer any questions you may have.