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About Abraxas Energy Consulting

Abraxas Energy Consulting

Since 2001, Abraxas Energy Consulting has provided our clients with solid experience and know-how.

We are active in two spheres: energy analysis and energy accounting.

In the energy analysis sphere, we provide energy audits, retro-commissioning and measurement and verification services for the federal government, ESCOs, utilities, and commercial customers. We assist ESCOs when they are overstaffed, we provide audits for LEED certification, and provide audits for the Federal Government to meet their EISA requirements.

In the energy accounting sphere, we specialize in fitting our customers with the right utility bill tracking software for their needs. In addition, we set up utility bill tracking databases and maintain them for our ESCO, commercial and federal clients. We work with over one hundred schools, government agencies and private companies on energy management projects of all sizes. We provide you with the expertise and software tools you need to best help you manage your energy usage.

John Avina- President and Founder of Abraxas Energy Consulting
John Avina- President and Founder of Abraxas Energy Consulting

Our Vision

We hate waste of any kind. Our resources are finite, and wasting them is short-sighted, expensive and ultimately detrimental to all of us on the planet. Through our energy assessments, trainings, software tools, and daily interactions with the outside world, we provide guidance to others so that they can reduce energy and water waste at their facilities. This is our calling, and it makes achieving a sustainable environment  a cornerstone of all we do.

Our Mission

To be known and respected for providing the best, most cost-effective energy consulting services and tools in the industry.

What We Do

We provide world-class Energy Consulting services and Energy Accounting software and services for our clients.

ENERGY CONSULTING (Commercial and Federal)


  • We sell the leading utility bill tracking programs, Metrix and Option C
  • We provide technical support and training for utility bill tracking software
  • We build utility bill tracking databases for our customers
  • We offer utility bill analysis services
  • We provide utility bill auditing services
  • We create measurement and verification projects for Energy Service Companies
  • We create custom software applications when needed

Our Customers Include:

1. Federal
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
US Fish and Wildlife Service
VA Hospitals
Army Corps of Engineers
US Forest Service
Bureau of Reclamation
The Reagan Library
US Navy Bureau of Medicine
Barstow Marine Logistics Base
Miramar Marine Base

2. Local Government
State of Maryland
State of Colorado
State of North Dakota
State of New Mexico

3. Real Estate
CB Richard Ellis
California Association of Realtors

4. Commercial
Holiday Inn
Chase Manhattan Bank
Fireman’s Fund Insurance
Regal Cinemas
Trader Joes
Kaiser Permanente
Accor Hotels

5. Utilities
Southern California Edison

6. Local Government
San Luis Obispo County
City of Long Beach
City of Pleasanton
City of Hayward

7. Education
Los Angeles Unified School District
Atascadero Unified School District
San Diego Unified School District
Savannah Chatham School District
Hillsborough County School District
Hancock Community College
University of California Polytechnic – San Luis Obispo
University of South Carolina

8. Energy Service Companies
Johnson Controls
Chevron Energy Solutions

Why Have Us Audit or Retro-Commission Your Building?

We understand that there are other companies that provide energy audits and retro-commissioning services. We believe we stand out for the following reasons:

  • Quality: Customer Satisfaction is very important to us here at Abraxas. Every one of our audits and retro-commissioning projects undergoes a Quality Control Review by an outside firm before being passed onto our customers. We do good work, and take pride in that. Our work compares favorably with that of others.
  • Experience: ALL of our energy auditors and retro-commissioning agents have at least 10 years of field experience in energy analysis. We don’t send out interns, only seasoned professionals who have studied hundreds of buildings.
  • Credentials: ALL of our energy auditors and retro-commissioning agents are Professional Engineers (PEs) or Certified Energy Managers (CEMs).

Why Purchase Software from Us?

Other software vendors just sell software. They may help you set up your database and teach you how to use it, but their usefulness ends there, as does the partnership. The other guys are software experts, not energy experts.

We sell software too, but we understand the whole picture, and will do our best to help you understand as well. Utility bill tracking should be at the center of a successful energy management program, but for your utility bill tracking to be worthwhile, you need to know all the things you can do with the software, and why you might do it. We won’t just tell you how to make reports, but what reports to make, and what they are telling you. We offer monthly teleconferences that start with broader energy management topics and end with how you can address them using your utility bill tracking database. The others don’t and can’t. We are energy experts first and foremost.