Abraxas Energy’s Industry Involvement

Here at Abraxas Energy Consulting we pride ourselves on our continuous involvement in numerous energy engineering projects, energy associations, and energy related events. Below is a short list of our past and future events.

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Current News and Upcoming Events

January 2015
January 2015- Abraxas welcomes Steve Rottmayer, PE, LEED-AP to our team. Mr. Rottmayer has been working in the energy efficiency field for over 15 years and has led energy assessments in over a hundred buildings, including scoping-level walk-through ...

August 11 - 13, 2015
Abraxas will exhibit at Energy Efficiency Exchange 2015. http://energy.gov/eere/femp/energy-efficiency-exchange-2015

Fall 2014
Abraxas is currently retrocommissioning three buildings at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. The contract was awarded Fall 2014.

Retrocommissioning of the Frank Hagel Federal Building
January 2015 - GSA Region 9 awarded Abraxas a contract to perform retrocommissioning of the Frank Hagel Federal Building in Richmond, CA.

Spring 2015
Abraxas is an Authorized Provider for the SCE RCx Program.

July 12-15
Abraxas exhibited at the 52nd ASHE (American Society of Hospital Engineers) Annual Conference and Exhibition at the John B. Hynes Convention Center in Boston. To learn more visit the website at http://www.ashe.org/annual/about.html

​July 14-15
A two-day Metrix 4 introductory training session was held on: ​July 14-15, 2015. Location: ​811 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 A fax-in sign-up form is available here. To register, either purchase the training online, or fill out and ...

Abraxas Awarded IDIQ Contract - NAVFAC Hawaii-June 30, 2015
Abraxas Energy Consulting was awarded a 5 year IDIQ Contract to perform Retro-Commissioning Services at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. Abraxas will perform retro-commissioning services for various buildings, Oahu, Hawaii to optimize the oper...

July 2015
Abraxas-Sigma JV, LLC awarded Operations, Maintenance and Support Contract-CDC, Fort Collins, CO Abraxas-Sigma JV has been awarded a contract to perform Facilities Operations, Maintenance and Support Services at CDC Fort Collins Campus, CO. We are r...

July 1, 2015
Abraxas awarded 5 year Blanket Purchase Agreement for Energy Services, USACE Seattle District - July 1, 2015 Abraxas Awarded Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to provide Resource Efficiency Manager and Energy Conservation Management Services in suppo...

Previous Events

Summer 2014
Recent Contracts Summer 2014 - Abraxas is a subcontractor to DAV Energy Solutions on VA contracts to perform energy audits and Retrocommissioning at VA hospitals and medical centers in VISNs 21 and 22 in northern and southern California.

September 2014
September 2014 - Abraxas awarded a contract to perform ASHRAE Level 2 energy audits of 2.8 million sq ft at Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, CA September 2014 - Energy Improvement Project awarded to Abraxas to perform Retrocommissioning at Luk...

Fall 2014
Fall 2014 - Patrick McLaughlin, CEA, LEED AP has joined Abraxas. Mr. McLaughlin is an energy engineer with extensive experience in Energy Performance Contracts particularly in the Public Housing and Government sectors. His expertise includes engineer...

6/25 - 6/26, 2014
John Avina hosted a session at the West Coast Energy Management Congress.

8/12 - 8/13, 2014
John Avina taught a 2 day Metrix Introductory course at University of South Carolina.

10/1 - 10/3, 2014
Abraxas to exhibit at the World Energy Engineering Congress in Washington D.C.  John Avina and Robert Urban will speak in sessions.  John Avina will also chair a session on Energy Basics.

October 2014
October 2014 - Abraxas completed an ASHRAE Level 2 audit for AVX Manufacturing in San Salvador, El Salvador. A 420,000 square feet electronic component manufacturing facility.

May 12 - 14, 2015
Energy Symposium 2015 Energy Training Seminar - On May 12-14, 2015 in Monterey, CA. Energy Symposium-Abraxas attended the 2015 event. Information on the 2016 Symposium is not yet available. Visit www.energysymposium2015.org