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What Makes the Difference in Your Energy Management?

An Energy Audit by an Expert.

Learn how ASHRAE Level 1 & 2 Energy Audits by Abraxas Energy Consulting uncovered significant energy savings.

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ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audits

An ASHRAE Level 1 Audit offers all the benefits of an Overview Audit with a more intensive energy analysis.

Your energy engineer will focus on low-cost energy conservation measures along with higher cost retrofits.

In addition to energy and cost savings estimates for each conservation opportunity, your audit report will include an energy balance. An energy balance breaks will attribute your existing energy usage to the various end uses and activities that exist in your facility.

We often perform ASHRAE Level 1 Audits for clients seeking to meet the energy audit pre-requisite of LEED-EB status.

Case Studies of Successful Level 1 Audits

ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audits

An ASHRAE Level 2 Audit offers all the benefits of a Level 1 Audit and an Overview Audit – with the addition of detailed financial analysis.

You will receive a report which analyzes the implementation and operation costs of each energy conservation measures available to your facility.

You will learn the costs, expected savings, and estimated payback of each retrofit, along with the relevant recommendations from our energy engineer.

We often perform ASHRAE Level 2 Audits for clients seeking LEED-EB status, which credits an audit of this caliber with two points (LEED-EB Credit 2.1, Option B), as it is more cost-effective than a full Retro-Commissioning.

Case Studies of Successful Level 2 Audits

“Abraxas performed ASHRAE Level II Energy and Water Audits on 8 buildings at MCAS Miramar, totaling over 700,000 SQ FT. Their recommendations have the potential to lead to a 26% energy reduction and 24% cost savings with an average payback of less than 6 years. I highly recommend their services. I would absolutely work with them again.”

Chris Garvin, PE, CEM, LEED AP
Public Works Officer (Ret.)
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar