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What if you could reduce your energy costs by as much as 20% at almost no cost?

With our Retro-commissioning Program, we will investigate your building and find savings opportunities that can save anywhere from 8 to 20%! The best part is that this service is FREE. It is paid for by CenterPoint Energy. This translates to real money that can be reinvested in your business.

In a recent energy project of a 4-star hotel, Abraxas identified 24 different energy-savings measures. Once implemented, this will save our customer more than $100,000!

Most of our retro-commissioning opportunities will pay for themselves in the 2 years or less… most payback in less than a year!


Rather than focus on purchasing and installing new efficient HVAC equipment which can be expensive, retro-commissioning is a detailed look at your HVAC controls. While it is very important to have efficient equipment, controlling it correctly may be more crucial. Building controls tell much of your equipment when and how to run.

We take a deep look at your control systems, and find issues which, when resolved, can save you thousands of dollars. The issues we find involve replacing inexpensive control devices, reprogramming controls, resetting control settings or repairing equipment, all of which are relatively inexpensive in relation to the energy savings you will see.

Retro-commissioning was conducted on 10 buildings on the Texas A&M Campus in the late 1990s. Retro-commissioning uncovered about 30% in energy savings on average with a 2.67 year average simple payback. Results are presented in the table below.

Building Baseline Energy Cost ($/yr) 1998 Cost Savings 1998 % Savings 2000 Cost Savings 2000 % Savings
Kleberg Building $ 484,899 $ 313,958 64.74 % $ 247,415 51.02 %
G.R. White Coliseum $ 229,881 $ 154,973 67.41 % $ 71,809 31.23 %
Blocker Building $ 283,407 $ 76,003 26.81 % $ 56,738 20 %
Eller O&M Building $ 315,404 $ 120,339 38.15 % $ 89,934 28.51 %
Harrington Tower $ 145,420 $ 64,498 44.35 % $ 48,816 33.56 %
Koldus Building $ 192,019 $ 57,076 29.72 % $ 61,540 32.04 %
Richardson Petroleum Building $ 273,687 $ 120,745 44.11 % $ 120,666 44.08 %
Veterinary Medical Center Addition $ 324,624 $ 87,059 26.81 % $ 92,942 28.63 %
Wehner Business Building $ 224,481 $ 47,834 21.30 % $ 68,145 30.35 %
Zachry Engineering Center $ 436,265 $ 150,400 34.47 % $ 127,620 29.25 %
Totals $ 2,910,087 $ 1,192,884 $ 985,626

How can it be FREE?

Nothing is free really. If you are a CenterPoint Energy customer, you have already paid for it. All CenterPoint utility bills have a public purpose fee which is used by CenterPoint to offer this free service. You might as well take advantage of it. You will not pay for the many hours we spend investigating your controls. There is a small commitment to repair some of the items we find that have simple paybacks under 1.5 years.

Are All Buildings Eligible?

No. Criteria are listed below.

  • Must be a CenterPoint Energy commercial, government or non-profit customer
  • If you are a commercial customer, your power must be delivered to your site at less than transmission level voltage, that is less than 69 Kilovolts
  • Building must be > 50,000 square feet
  • Building must have a working DDC control system
  • Must be a CenterPoint Energy commercial, government or non-profit customer
  • Building must have significant energy usage

Why do I need to act now?

Every day you wait, you are throwing money away. You continue to pay the utility company more than you need to instead of putting those savings in your pocket. The sooner you act the more money you will save and be able to put back into the business.

It is best to act now! Simply enroll in the Abraxas Retro-commissioning Program and learn about the unique opportunities for energy savings that your hotel can realize.

Why Abraxas?

  • Just like not all facility managers are equal, not all retro-commissioning providers are equal, either. We pride ourselves on being amongst the best in the country.
  • Our retro-commissioning services have supported the needs of our customers throughout the United States and internationally. In the past 4 years, we have conducted retro-commissioning and energy audits on over 40 million square feet of building stock and found over $11,000,000 in savings for our customers.
  • We do not work for and are not allied with any equipment or service providers. We do not push any companies products or services. We are independent commissioning agents and we work for you

I want to save money! What’s next?

Contact us and we can tell you more about the program, and send you an application. Once you fill it out, and it gets approved by CenterPoint, we get started reducing your energy usage.

Contact us and we can tell you more about the program, and send you an application. Once you fill it out, and it gets approved by CenterPoint, we can get started reducing your energy usage.