Metrix 4.5.4 What’s New!

Introducing Metrix 4.5.4 – the latest release of Metrix and Report Maker

Report Maker – New Modification Report
Report Maker now has a new report to show the breakout of modifications you made for each meter each month! Add as many modifications as you need, you’ll be able to see them all here, and see how they are affecting your baseline!

Metrix – New Baseline Breakdown Report
Have you ever wondered how your energy baseline is calculated in Metrix? This Report describes how the baseline varies from the base year due to number of bill days, weather, user variables, and modifications. This report highlights it all, no guess work, no ambiguity!

Metrix – Simplified Weather Quality Control
Metrix quality control has always helped you make sure your project is executed flawlessly. Now it is even easier to perfect your weather data with quality control that directs you directly to missing months. Your search is over!

Metrix – Export Meter Notes
Now those notes you make in Meter Setup are even more useful! You can now export your Meter Notes from the Metrix Tools menu, share them, or file them away for reference!