Metrix Utility Accounting System Testimonials

“Metrix handles multi-variable dependent utility calculations with ease. The software is very powerful and surprisingly easy to use. Last year, the University of Manitoba spent 12.5M on utilities, and after using Metrix models, we pegged savings at $3.4M. Since beginning the retrofit in 1997, the University of Manitoba has saved over $19M on utilities! Thank you for developing software that allows us to accurately quantify our savings.”

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Mike Ferley
University of Manitoba – Winnapeg, Canada

“We have been able to see our utility expenses, where they are spent, and how they compare to previous years. Cost avoidance figures are now distributed to maintenance, custodial, teaching, and administrative personnel to help gain support for our energy management program. Energy accounting is the backbone of our school district’s energy management program.”

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Jim Faes
Jefferson County Schools – Colorado

“One of the most useful reports is cost and use per square foot, with buildings ranked against those in other districts. My clients can get a snapshot of how any particular building ranks against those in other districts.”

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Margaret Bishop, Energy Engineer
Bishop Engineering – Northwood, IA

“By utilizing the bill ledger report and two other reports (cost avoidance and bill history), I was able to determine that the wrong tariff was being used by the utility company. This resulted in a $10,000 per-month reduction in electric expense at this campus. NICE!!! Metrix has been very beneficial to me and good for the school system.”

Jim Thaxton
New Albany-Floyd County School District – Indiana

“As an energy manager, the use of such tools [Metrix] is invaluable in the monitoring and tracking of costs and consumption.”

John Soler
Pasco County School District – Florida

“I have only been using Metrix software for a short period of time”¦but having a programming background, I can appreciate the simplicity of the software. My number one goal is to prove to a customer their savings and Metrix simply does what it’s supposed to do! The interface is user friendly, you have the flexibility to change variables, and the data you get using the report makers is accurate and useful. Metrix is a powerful”¦yet easy to use energy management software system.”

Marie M. Gherghei
Measurement & Verification Engineer Climate Solutions Ingersoll Rand – Minnesota

“In the first year of establishing a baseline for their office plaza gas usage, we noticed it was abnormally high based on past experience and prior years. This triggered an onsite examination which found the simple tweak in boiler system controls necessary to remedy the issue. The following year we could show the owner that after normalizing for weather, this correction resulted in gas use plummeting 40% in the 2 coldest months and a savings of near $11,000 over 5 months.”

Chris Sewell
CMW, Central Mechanical Wichita