Confronting COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed enormous challenges to businesses and institutions all over the world. As organizations re-open and adapt to the “new normal,” it is essential that they protect the health of their workers and the people they serve. Abraxas can help building owners confront these challenges in three areas: reopening, developing safer practices for occupants and visitors, and creating new maintenance procedures.


Reopening Buildings

If a building has been shut down for any length of time, it is important to ensure that its mechanical and control systems are capable of performing reliably and efficiently when re-started. Abraxas’ professional Facility Management staff will review and retro-commission these systems as needed to ensure that they operate the way they should. It may also be necessary to modify these system and control strategies to keep building occupants safe. Following sector-specific guidelines from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and ASHRAE, Abraxas will recommend and implement changes, which could include increasing ventilation rates, improving air filtration efficiencies, adding portable room air cleaners, and installing personal ventilation systems for high risk tasks.


Adopting Safe Practices

As workers, customers, students, and clients re-enter buildings, it is critical that they adopt safer practices to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. Following sector-specific guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and other authorities, Abraxas will develop a plan to help prevent exposure to SARS-CoV-2 within the building, including contingencies to manage any suspected or confirmed cases. That plan will address testing, the provision of supplies, social distancing requirements, handwashing, training and enforcement mechanisms as appropriate.


New Maintenance Procedures

Finally, keeping people safe in buildings will require the implementation of new maintenance procedures. Abraxas will create a plan for keeping the building clean, regularly disinfecting “high touch” surfaces, and managing and disposing of personal protective equipment and other potentially contaminated materials. The plan will also include recommended maintenance procedures for any new equipment installed to enhance safety, such as air cleaners and new ventilation equipment.