Workplace Services

Workplace Services (also known as soft services) provides employees, and some non-employees, with the right work environment (physical, technological, and organizational) at the right time and the right place for the right cost, enabling the organization to achieve its business goals. Workplace services goes beyond maintenance of the core building systems to address the amenities and aesthetics people interact with on a daily basis.

The scope of Workplace Services may vary widely, depending on the company and their general needs. Examples may include;

  • Break Room Services: ensuring coffee, tea, and vending selections are stocked and the equipment functioning.
  • Office Supply Management: procuring and stocking common office supplies for the general office population.
  • Reception Services: staffing the company reception desk, which may include office concierge service.
  • Office Policy/Standards Compliance: ensuring company policies related to workplace usage and practices are followed.
  • Print/Copy Services: ensuring shared office printing equipment is functioning and supplies maintained. Possibly staffing a print center where larger volumes of print collateral is required.

The Facility Management (FM) organization is often tasked with supporting Workplace Services functions as it fits within their responsibility to ensure a safe, functional and cost effective workplace.

Since each company and workplace is different, these functions tend to be assigned to FM on an ad hoc basis. Companies will also vary in the quantity and quality of support they may assign to a given workplace service. The FM organization must partner with the appropriate company leaders to determine their preferences, then develop a program that fits within their scope and budgetary constraints.

Workplace Services programs may also be tied to larger Employee Engagement initiatives, designed to attract and retain high-value talent. The FM organization will often play a vital role in executing these initiatives where the physical workplace is involved.

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Workplace Services
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