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An Excellent, Low-Cost Roadmap Toward Energy Conservation

An Overview Energy Audit will help you choose the best energy conservation measures within your facility.

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Our Experienced Energy Engineer, At Your Location

Find out where the best conservation opportunities are in your facility.

Substantially Reduce your Energy Costs

With low-cost conservation measures.

Includes Interviews with Key Personnel

And a review of your utility bills.

Start Your Energy Conservation Program with an Overview Audit

Overview Audits are known as “walk through audits.” An experienced energy engineer will inspect your facility to identify energy conservation opportunities. The inspection includes an interview with key facility personnel and a review of the facilities utility bills.

An Overview Audit is an excellent, cost-effective method for finding low-cost energy conservation measures that may substantially reduce energy usage and costs. This will provide an excellent roadmap for your energy conservation program. Because an overview audit does not quantify the energy savings opportunities discovered, this analysis may prove insufficient for drawing energy management conclusions.

“Abraxas is professional and easy to work with. I would without hesitation work with Abraxas again to perform energy audits. Their personnel are knowledgeable, they are easy to work with and their reports are detailed and comprehensive.”

Chuck Gess, PE US
Fish & Wildlife, Division of Engineering