How Much Can Be Saved by Getting an Audit?

When talking about possible energy savings in a facility from performing an energy audit, it’s impossible to make a reasonable estimate without understanding how the building operates and uses energy.

With that said, we’ve seen savings upwards of 40% on some facilities, with the average savings being around 10-20%. If the facility has already had energy audits in the past, and the identified measures were implemented, it’s possible that the facility is already efficient, and in that case, there might be much less energy savings potential.  If the facility has been in operation for many years without having had an energy audit, it’s very possible that an energy audit can save you a significant amount of money.

If you want to make an easy estimate, for a building that has not aggressively pursued energy efficiency in the past 10 years, assume 20% savings potential.  For a building that has been pursuing energy efficiency in the past 5 years, assume 10% savings potential. These estimates cannot be too far from the truth.

Since it’s extremely difficult to assess how much your facility can save without knowing more about your company, we will gladly provide you with a Free Energy Audit Consultation.

Energy Audit Server Room
Click to see energy wasted…

By having this consultation, we can decide whether or not you need an energy audit at all, and if you do, what kind would best suit you and your facility.  Here’s an example of energy wasted. This is an over-lit, air conditioned server room- click on the image at right to see the lack of servers in it.