Official Metrix Releases

Below is a list of past official Metrix releases. Only use these installations if you know your license will work. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you.

* On first start up, ReportMaker may lock on the ‘Checking Prerequisites’ screen. If this occurs, please scroll through the instructions under section 2: Trusted Publisher, and click on the ‘Retry’ button.

VersionRelease DateLink
Metrix 4.5.7 *Jul 1, 2019Download
Metrix 4.5.6Jan 31, 2018Download
Metrix 4.5.5Nov 1, 2016Download
Metrix 4.5.4Jan 1, 2015Download
Metrix 4.5.3Jul 1, 2013Download
Metrix 4.5.2Nov 1, 2012Download
Metrix 4.5.1Jan 1, 2012Download
Metrix 4.5Jul 1, 2011Download
Metrix 4.4.4Jan 15, 2011Download
Metrix 4.4.3Jul 1, 2010Download
Metrix 4.4.2Jan 1, 2010Download
Metrix 4.4.1Jul 1, 2009Download
Metrix 4.4Jan 1, 2009Download
Metrix 4.3Jun 15, 2008Download
Metrix 4.2.1Feb 15, 2008Download
Metrix 4.2Nov 8, 2007Download