Metrix Advanced Training Syllabus

The following is the syllabus that the trainer starts with at the beginning of class, however, the topics and order of items to be covered may change according to the wishes of the attendees. Advanced class is meant to fill in the knowledge gaps of the attendees. Only after polling the attendees can the instructor know exactly what should be covered and how.

Some topics may not be covered due to time constraints and the preferences of the class. In addition, we may cover other topics that the attendees may want to address.

Note: We cover Excel topics in Advanced Metrix, as we believe limitations in Excel ability can severely limit your productivity using Metrix. Our energy analysts routinely use many of these functions.

Day 1 Topics


  • Review of Baseline Equation and Metrix Theoretical Basics via a difficult class exercise.
  • Recreation of Metrix savings calculations in Excel. Users will recreate Metrix regressions in Excel. In addition, users will create Metrix savings reports in Excel. Possibly include having user hand calculate CDDs/HDDs
  • Advanced Tuning Concepts: A tuning clinic spanning easy to very tricky meters


  • Interpreting your tuning screen to glean useful information about the building
  • Report Making: Getting comfortable with the Report Maker, some reports users don’t know about, memorizing reports, headers and footers for reports, using customer logos.
  • Advanced Excel Concepts: LEFT, RIGHT, MID, FIND, LEN, CONCATENATE Functions
  • Advanced Excel Concepts: SUMIF, COUNTIF, IF, MAX, MIN, AVERAGE, SUM, VLOOKUP Functions
  • Advanced Excel Concepts: Filter, Sort, Conditional Formatting, Pivot tables

Day 2 Topics


  • Applying Costs to your Savings Equation: the difference between blended rates, and modeled rates, the problems associated with each.
  • Modeling Rates


  • Advanced Excel Concepts: Recording Macros, Editing Macros, and possibly some simple VBA code such as Loops and If Statements

Odds and Ends to Fill Remaining Time

  • Copy and Paste to/from Excel
  • Drag and Drop from Project to Project
  • Quality Control
  • Gaps in Bills
  • Weather Data Gaps
  • Conversion Factors, Import Files
  • Modification Issues
  • Import/Export Questions
  • Other Issues and Questions from Group