Metrix Introductory Training Session

Essential training for any professional who is seeking…

  • To track utility usage and costs
  • To clearly understand the whys and hows of weather correction
  • To become a better energy analyst
  • To get the most out of your Metrix Utility Accounting System

Metrix Utility Software Computer TrainingAnd, find out how to perform effective and accurate utility bill analysis and Option C Monitoring and Verification using Metrix Utility Accounting System.

Comprehensive in scope, this two-day hands-on seminar will bring you up to speed on the very latest developments in Utility Bill Tracking using Weather Correction and Option C Monitoring and Verification and their effective application in today’s energy environment.

This comprehensive two-day hands-on course covers the technical, practical and theoretical aspects of Utility Bill Tracking, Weather Normalization, and Option C Monitoring and Verification using Metrix Utility Accounting System. The course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you will need to effectively track energy and cost usage and savings for your facility, and to communicate your findings. As a participant in this program, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of weather correction
  • The steps that will assure successful management of utility bill tracking projects and monitoring and verification
  • How to create and maintain your Metrix projects
  • How to easily and quickly get your electronic data into Metrix
  • How, Why and When to get your own production, occupancy, or other variable information into Metrix
  • The various ways to tune your meters to weather or other variables
  • The impact of proper tuning on your results
  • How to set your target usage, and compare actual usage to target usage
  • How to handle changes in building occupancy patterns, remodels, or other unexpected changes
  • The basics of assigning costs to your utility usage
  • How to communicate your results in clear simple language
  • The program covers each topic in sufficient detail and with sufficient practice, so that you are ready to apply these new ideas and procedures after you finish the course

Just enough theory is presented to assure that you have a firm and correct understanding of weather normalization and utility bill tracking so that you can effectively communicate your results to your colleagues and customers.

Theoretical concepts are always “brought down to reality” using real world examples, repetition, and class exercises.

We make the knowledge stick by putting it to practical use. The afternoon of the second day of the course is devoted to an all-encompassing, hands-on case study, which requires the usage of nearly all of the concepts presented earlier in the course. Attendees will put together a real world Metrix project, implementing all the information gained in the preceding day and a half of instruction and study.

What our customers are saying…

“The introduction to Metrix training session was well worth my time and money. In addition to creating a sample project from scratch we were able to ask additional question concerning real life issues some of the attendees had run across in their day to day utilization of the program.”
Tyler B. Humphreys, Johnson Controls

“John puts on an excellent class. I went from never having used the program to knowing why we use Metrix, how to use Metrix, and how to explain Metrix to my customers.”
Ertun Reshat, Onsite Energy

“My Metrix training was an exceptional investment of my time. Rather than losing valuable time learning the software through self-study, I attended a training session instructed by John Avina. After the training session, I knew how to set up and maintain my projects, since I had already set up a difficult project in the class. The training allowed me to have confidence in managing multi-million dollar performance contracts using the software. I highly recommend his services.”
Troy Klein, Siemens

Course Outline


  • Why Use Weather Correction
  • Theory Behind Weather Correction
  • Metrix Terminology: Baseline, Actual, SimActual, Target
  • Metrix User Interface Functionality
  • Metrix Libraries
  • Step-by-step Metrix Project Creation
  • Assigning Your Bills to Months
  • Importing Bill Data
  • Creating Bill Data Import Files
  • Conversion Factors
  • How to Convert to Different Utility Units


  • When to Use Your Own Independent Variables
  • How to Create Your Own Independent Variables
  • Tuning Concepts
  • How to Tune Your Meters
  • Advanced Tuning Concepts
  • What to Do With Problem Bills
  • What to Do When Meters Do Not Tune
  • Bill Matching


  • In-Depth Review of Basic Concepts
  • When to Use Baseline Modifications
  • How to Create Baseline Modifications
  • Regression Modifiers
  • Applying Costs to Your Projects
  • Modeling Your Utility Rates
  • How to Create Reports
  • Ways to Customize Your Reports


  • Hands-On Class Project

About Your Instructor

John Avina
John Avina

John Avina, C.E.M., is the founder and director of Abraxas Energy Consulting. While working for SRC Systems, Silicon Energy and finally Abraxas Energy Consulting, Mr. Avina has provided technical support, training, as well as created manuals and web content for Metrix and Market Manager.

Mr. Avina has taught over 250 software courses to over 1200 energy professionals on three continents. In addition to writing numerous trade and professional articles, Mr. Avina has co-authored Management, Measurement & Verification of Performance Contracting.

As a Participant, You Will Receive:

Metrix Course Certificate

  • In-Depth Course Workbook: Mr. Avina has compiled a comprehensive workbook packed with useful, detailed information. The workbook will provide handy references and prove to be a valuable resource back on the job.
  • Course Certificate: At the conclusion of the seminar, Abraxas Energy Consulting awards attendees a diploma size Certificate of Completion.

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