Join us in our previously recorded webinar sessions. These videos cover a variety of topics, from energy saving opportunities, to new services and tools in the field. We hope you enjoy them.

1. Weather Normalization of Utility Bills: How it Works


2. Reading Utility Bills to Determine How the Building is Using Energy


3. HVAC and HVAC Control Strategies


4. The Basics of Electricity Rates


5. Testing and Balancing: Why Does it Matter?


6. What is Energy AI: A Fantastic Analysis of Interval Data


7. Chiller Basics: Good Hands on Knowledge for Energy Engineers and Energy Analysts


8. Metrix and Option C Q&A


9. Boiler Plant Basics: Good Hands on Knowledge for Energy Engineers and Energy Analysts


10. Doing Regressions by Hand vs. Metrix


11. Compressed Air Basics and Energy Savings Opportunities


13. Virtual Energy Audits: The Promise and the Reality


14. Comparison of Option C Methods: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly


15. A Deeper Look at Water Efficiency Measures


16. Energy AI: A Closer Look


17. More on Statistics: CVRMSE, R2, Confidence Intervals, Uncertainty and All the Rest


18. The Ins and Outs of Utility Bill Audits


19. Building Pressurization: A Black Art Examined


20. Air Scrubbers: Decrease Outside Air Minimums, Killer Paybacks, and ASHRAE Product of the Year


21. What 3rd Party M&V Evaluators Look for: A Discussion with an Evaluator


22. Report Maker Refresher Course: Reports You Didn’t Know, Memorized Reports, Report Sets, and More


23. Thermal Energy Storage: Now and for the Future Electric Grid (with Guy Frankenfield of DN Tanks)


24. Controls 101


25. What You Need to Know About Boilers, with AEE Hall of Famer: Fredric Goldner, CEM


26. A Fast and Easy Way to Get Bill Data into Metrix: Fastdata (Free Version)


27. Solar Energy and Utility Bill Tracking: We Try to Simplify A Complicated Situation