Capital Plan

Like the annual operating plan, the capital plan generally refers to an organization’s capital spending plan for the fiscal year covering fixed asset acquisition, replacement, or capital improvements to the building structure & interiors. Items included in the capital plan are presumed to meet the client’s financial capitalization rules. Capital plans may also incorporate expense components, but those expense components are not included in the annual operating plan. Capital Plan.FM Pie Chart-FM Slice
Capital Plan.Wordle Capital plan components may be derived from the CMMS system for assets at end-of-useful-life or project plans for general capital improvements. Relative to Abraxas’ Sustainable FM Services, our professional Facility Management staff are integral to the annual capital planning and project execution process.

Abraxas’ Sustainable FM Services offers project execution of client capital plans as an optional service upon request. Project execution may be absorbed by the Facility Manager or may involve a separate Project Manager, depending on the complexity and labor requirements of the project.