Print/Copy/Office Supply Services

Print/copy services, also known as reprographics, has declined over the past decade due to the advent of digital document storage and distribution.
Print-Copy-Office Supply Services.Copy Center Some companies still maintain an in-house print center for documents that require professional level hardcopy output, such as formal RFP responses or marketing/sales collateral. Most companies will acquire their own reprographics equipment, but may require staff to manage print/copy requests.
This function may also be responsible for regular maintenance of office printers distributed throughout the facility, including stocking of paper, changing toner and arranging for repairs when equipment fails. In some cases, this function may also be responsible for managing the inventory of standard office supplies such as pens/pencils, paper pads, post-it notes, tape, staples & staplers, batteries, etc”¦

Abraxas Sustainable FM Services will offer these services upon request; as this type of position will often report to the Facility Manager.

Print-Copy-Office Supply Services.Office Supply Collage
Abraxas works with the client to document a detailed scope of responsibilities for such requests in order to staff at the appropriate level. It is suggested that the workload for such services equal at least one full-time position as it is difficult to find qualified staff willing and able to work part-time for an extended period.