AVX Corporation – ASHRAE Level 2 Audit

Project Overview Abraxas Energy Consulting was contracted by AVX Corporation to conduct an ASHRAE Level 2 Audit of their manufacturing facility in Juarez, Mexico.  The manufacturing facility is a 203,600 ft², single-story electronics manufacturing plant with warehouse space.  The purpose of the work was to identify savings opportunities and reduce energy and water consumption. On-Site […]

Northrop Grumman – ASHRAE Level 2 audit

Project Overview Abraxas Energy Consulting was contracted by Northrop Grumman to conduct an ASHRAE Level 2 audit, an in-depth analysis of boilers and compressed air systems, as well as a submetering feasibility study throughout seven buildings (including manufacturing, lab, office, and storage spaces) at their Elkton, Maryland campus.  The Elkton campus includes 180 buildings, covering […]

Northrop Grumman – Energy Audit, RCx

Project Overview The client is a leading global aerospace and defense company that provides services to government and commercial customers. This audit evaluated seven buildings and a central chiller plant encompassing over 1,586,000 square feet at the Northrop Grumman Space Park in California. Northrop Grumman desired to identify energy conservation measures (ECMs) in an effort […]

AVX Corporation, El Salvador – Energy Audit

Project Overview The client, a world-wide manufacturer and supplier of passive electronic components and interconnects, has a manufacturing facility in El Salvador comprised of eight factory buildings encompassing over 420,000 square feet. The campus is not a single consolidated campus; rather, various buildings throughout a neighborhood were acquired and modified over time. Over 300 employees […]

Clayton Valley Charter High School

Our client was Clayton Valley Charter High School, a 182,370 sq. ft. campus located in Concord, California. While the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop. 39) is a well-conceived means to provide schools funding for energy efficiency improvements, the process can be confusing. Abraxas conducted an ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit and filed the necessary paperwork to the California Energy Commission for funding. Abraxas is providing the ongoing support necessary to ensure Prop. 39 funds are spent on projects that matter most to the client.

Yeshiva University: Utility Bill Analysis

Our client was Yeshiva University in New York City. The university had a crack facilities department, the best we have ever seen. However, every building has savings potential. They desired to track their utility bills with Metrix, our utility bill tracking system. We were there to train them in using the software.

San Francisco Retail Store: Energy Audit/Retro-Commissioning

The client, a well-known national retailer in San Francisco, has a store that is comprised of 3 buildings which comprise over 1,000,000 square feet. Half is the selling floor and the remainder of the space is consists of stock rooms and storage. The buildings range from 8 to 11 stories tall. Over 1000 employees work during a typical day. The store spends over $2,000,000 in electricity alone each year. Our client desired to reduce their utility budget.

Westfield’s Southcenter Mall: Retro-commissioning

Westfield owns and manages Southcenter Mall, a 1,400,000 SF 3 story shopping center with over 240 stores in Tukwila, WA. The mall consists of an older section which was originally constructed in the late 1960s and a new section which was added in 2008 that significantly increased the mall’s size (and energy consumption). The new section had never been properly commissioned and building systems in the older section had suffered from degradation over time.