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Q: What is wrong with my rate?


Here is a general approach that you can use to determine what, if anything, is wrong with your rate.

1. Model the rate in Excel. Are the calculated dollars in Excel matching your bills? If so, then proceed. If not, then you are probably missing something.

2. Then go to meter setup for the meter in question, and click on "detailed costs", for energy and demand.

3. Then for the same meter, open the Meter in the Rates view. What you see there is the kWh and kW that you imported or typed into the bill register. The dollar amounts you see are the $ as calculated based upon the rates you modeled.

4. Then compare what Metrix is calculating to what Excel shows. Do they match? Look to see if the kWh $ match, or the kW $ match, and the tota $ match. If so, then good. There is no problem with your Metrix rate. If not, then something needs to change in your Metrix rate model. By comparing to Excel, you can determine what category needs to be fixed--kWh or kW or some other charge.

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