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Metrix » Weather

QuestionDate Answered
How do you know if the weather imported properly?2008-09-24
How can I create my weather data files from scratch?2011-11-07
Why are there -99\'s in my weather file?2008-09-24
The weather data for my location no longer exists. What should I do?2007-10-04
Metrix has a limit of 20 years of weather data. How do I continue to track and tune usage data after the 20 year weather capacity has been met?2011-04-20
Why don\'t my CDD/HDD match up with the CDD/HDD in the weather tab?2011-11-07
How do I find weather for my site?2011-11-07
When will last month\'s weather data be uploaded?2011-11-09
How are HDD and CDD calculated?2017-03-06
How are Htg DT and Clg DT calculated?2011-11-10
Can weather data provided by Abraxas Energy Consulting be imported into TRACE 700?2021-07-06
Why should I weather normalize? And how is it done in Metrix?2021-10-30

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