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QuestionDate Answered
How come my lighting demand is zero in the results screens but my lighting usage in the results screens is non-zero? How can you have usage if there was no demand?2003-11-26
Why doesnt the annual usage amount in an item\'s data form match the annual usage amount in summary results?2003-11-26
Why does electricity usage increase when I add insulation to my building?2003-11-26
How come my lighting demand is zero in the results screens but the results still show usage?2003-11-26
How do I get total ton-hours, total run hours, and average chiller load per chiller (tons) for the entire year from MarketManager?2003-11-26
Why does my CHW result in a lower heating energy costs (in reheat and DD/MZ systems)?2003-11-26
Why do version 1.50 results differ from version 1.60 results?2003-11-26
Unmet heating hours, what does it mean? Is it important?2003-11-26
Why do MarketManager results show heating only for the month that there should be cooling (VTCV System)?2003-11-26

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