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QuestionDate Answered
Tuning with no variables or weather: How come the tuning constant is not exactly the average kWh/Day?2003-11-26
What is the blue area on the tuning screen?2003-11-26
My building is changing during the tuning period. What is the best way to deal with this when tuning?2003-11-26
How do you select an appropriate minimum degree-day / day setting?2003-11-26
What do you do when you have a bad correlation to weather and other variables?2003-11-26
When should you deselect points? How many points is too many to deselect?2003-11-26
Can you have negative constants in your regression equation?2003-11-26
How is the baseload value determined? Are excluded months still used in determining the baseload value? And if they are not, why not?2003-11-26
Should you retune your baseline when you get new bills?2003-11-26
What do Net Mean Bias and Monthly Mean Error mean?2003-11-26
The tuning guidelines say that I should only manually exclude a bill if there is a reason. Can you expound on this point?2003-11-26
What are the new tuning guidelines?2003-11-26
Should you billmatch and tune at the same time?2003-11-26
Why cant I tune?2003-11-26
Basic Tuning Guidelines2009-07-29
Why do we regress electrical demand with average temperature instead of high temperature?2003-11-26
What is a T-Statistic?2003-11-26
Why can\'t I view the graph in the Tuning Screen?2003-11-26
Why use a minimum CDD/HDD threshold?2003-11-26
If months during the tuning period are excluded based on CDD or HDD threshold, why is it valid to apply the regression to months during the post-retrofit period where the CDD or HDD are below the minimum setpoint?2003-11-26
I am getting green check marks on all the statistical indicators, but the meter still has a red X next to it. Why is this?2007-10-11
What do underlined bills mean?2009-07-23
Why does the TOU Period keep jumping back to \"Sum/Max TOU\"?2009-09-16
My meters are tuned, why can\'t I get the green check?2011-09-21
Is Metrix capable of tuning daily data?2015-06-10

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