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Metrix » QC Errors/Warnings

QuestionDate Answered
"Can't find the desired element to free" OR "No Parent SITE" in Quality Control2009-07-02
ERROR: "Items not attached to the project"2009-07-02
ERROR: "Weather has data gaps"2012-12-12
ERROR: "Items with the same name"2009-07-02
WARNING: "Meter has gap in bills without -0.0 placeholder"2009-07-02
WARNING: "First bill has untypical duration."2011-05-03
ERROR: "Meter read dates not in 20th or 21st century"2011-09-21
WARNING: "Weather spans less time than meter"2011-09-21
WARNING: "Meter inadequately tuned (R2 < 0.75)"2011-09-23
WARNING: "Meter inadequately tuned (CVRMSE Eng > 25.0; CVRMSE Dmd >35.0)"2011-09-23
WARNING: "High Balance Points (greater than 75F)"2011-09-23
WARNING: "Low Balance Point(s) (less than 40F)"2011-09-23
ERROR: Meter first bill has negative duration2013-01-07
ERROR: "Meter reading dates are not in order"2015-07-23

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