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QuestionDate Answered
When rates change in the middle of a given billing period, how does Metrix calculate dollar amounts?2003-11-26
How do I input a rate in which the demand charge is prorated by number of billing days?2003-11-26
What are non-standard rates in Metrix and How can I use them?2003-11-26
Can I make global changes to fuel adjustments?2003-11-26
One of my Utility Rates used: Effective Date = 1/1/1900, Effective Thru = 12/26/1997. The Rates report listed \"Rate applies from Jan 1. 2000 to Dec 26. 1997\". Same problem for an Effecitve Date of 1/1/1921. If the Effective Date is set to 1951, then the Rates report correctly lists it as 1951 instead of 2051. Is this a Y2K problem?2003-11-26
How do you add a charge (to a Rate) that varies from month to month?2003-11-26
Metrix has charge types for consumption, demand and RkVAh, but not kVA. How do you model kVA demand?2003-11-26
Many performance contracts stipulate that savings will be calculated at current energy rates unless they fall below base period rates, in which case base period rates are used. How can you configure Metrix to do this?2003-11-26
What is wrong with my rate?2003-11-26
There was a rate increase on a project that I am working on. How do I account for this?2003-11-26
Metrix is prorating bills that straddle the summer and winter seasons. My utility does not prorate, but assigns the entire bill to the season in which the bill end date lands. How can I get Metrix to report costs for months that straddle the two seasons?2003-11-26
My baseline cost seems incorrect. Why is this happening?2009-01-05
How are fuel adjustments shown in the SimActual tab? Why do I have such a high miscellaneous cost?2011-05-09
How can I add a meter for a utility that is not listed in Metrix?2016-11-17

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