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Q: What do the little numbers mean in the Views and can I change them?


The numbers in views are how MarketManager identifies each item. They are unique to the item. If you see two DOOR1 items in a single view, that means the program considers them the same (even though, in the real-life project, there are two physically distinct, though look-alike, doors). While two items in the same view have the same item name and number (e.g. DOOR1), any changes made in one will also be reflected in the other.

Similar numbers appear in higher scenarios. As far as the program is concerned, the corresponding items are usually different from the existing scenario, though the user may prefer to think of them as the same. As soon as you "visit" an item in a higher scenario, the program henceforth displays it with the same number as its scenario 1 counterpart. Because this number is not the "real" underlying ID number for the item, it is shown in italics.

Occasionally the program is unable to match an item in a higher scenario with a corresponding item in the existing scenario. If this happens it presents the user with a dialog box asking her to clarify which Scenario 1 item should be used. Occasionally, there is no Scenario 1 counterpart, as in cases where new (not replacement) cooling equipment is added in a higher scenario.

To change the scenario 1 counterpart after the fact, use the Edit|Set Comparison command or press Ctrl-X.

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