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Q: There was a rate increase on a project that I am working on. How do I account for this?


There is an easy way to deal with rate increases, however, how you deal with them really depends upon what you want to do.

First some background theory: Rates are applied to the Simactual, Target and Baseline Scenarios. If you have selected "single utility rate" for the given meter (in the Meter Data Form) in the Project Layout view, then the rate will apply to all three scenarios. The actual $ amount that you entered in the bill register applies to the Actual Scenario.

With this is mind, if you want the new rate to apply to the Baseline as well as the Simactual and Target Scenarios, then proceeding is easy:

1. In the rates view, open your rate, and find the effective from and effective through dates on the right side of the form. Here you will enter the dates for which the rate is effective. If your rate took effect on October 1, 1996, then the effective through date would be September 30, 1996.

2. Now make a new rate (in addition to the one that is already there) and make sure to fill out the correct effective from date. For our example, that would be October 1, 1996.

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