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Q: I am unable to deselect the Manual Total box on the meter registers, why?


If you go to the Layout View, and click on the offending meter, you will see on the right side of the form a column "detailed costs." Suppose you had a 2 period TOU rate, with On Peak and Off Peak energy and demand. You would enter a "2" in the # of TOU Periods column, for both the energy and demand rows. Then if you wanted Metrix to add columns in the bill register for costs associated with On Peak and Off Peak kWh, and On Peak and Off Peak kW, then you would check the boxes in the detailed costs column.

So rather than the bill register looking like:

OnPeak kWh

OffPeak kWh

On Peak kW

OffPeak kW

it will look like:


OnPeak kWh


OffPeak kWh


On Peak kW


OffPeak kW

where the extra columns are for the costs for each separate item ( On Peak kWh, Off Peak kWh, etc.)

Now, after adding the additional columns, you can go to the offending meter's Register in the Bills View, and check or uncheck the Manual box in the top left corner of the form.

To sum up here: by adding detailed costs in the meter setup data form (in layout view), you enable the Manual box in the bill register.

The next question is, what does that Manual Total box do? It will add up all the costs that were either entered or imported into the meter register.

If you wanted Metrix to use rates to add the total, it does, but not in this view. It will in the Rates View. If you open a meter in the Rates view, you will see energy and demand units that you entered or imported, and you will see calculated costs based upon rates or average costs (as determined in the Meter Setup Data Form).

The Manual Total box does not directly affect the dollar values as seen in the rates view. In fact, if you are using rates, the Manual Total box does not affect the dollar values as seen in the rates view at all.

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