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Q: How can I export Metrix 3 data to Access?


There are 3 ways to get data from Metrix:

1. use the export button (ascending airplane). With this, you can export Actual meter data, or any data that is associated with a date. However, you cannot export Baseline, SimActual or Target data.

2. preview a report, and then export the data you see in the report

3. or, just creating reports creates dbf files that you can use.

I think the best solution is #3. This is how it works: whenever you view any report in Metrix, the program will first create a dbf file. Then it uses the data in the dbf file to create the report itself. You are going to use the dbf files. You can open these dbf files in Excel.

You need to select a report that has all the data you want. For example, if you just want costs in Base and SimActual scenarios, then produce a report that shows costs only for Base and SimActual. No need to clutter the dbf file with extra data. Make sure to select the dates you want for your report, and then preview it in Metrix. When you see the report in Metrix, go ahead and close it. (Actually, the first time you do this, you might want to print the report in Metrix, so as to compare it to the data in the dbf file, to use as an aide to help locate what data is where.) Now in Excel, open the meter.dbf file in your Metrixscratch directory. There is the data you want. You will notice there are column headings. You may want to massage it somewhat before importing it into Access. In the Metrix manual, on page 315, you will find a description of the meter.dbf file. You may want to reference it as a guide as well.

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