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Q: Metrix is prorating bills that straddle the summer and winter seasons. My utility does not prorate, but assigns the entire bill to the season in which the bill end date lands. How can I get Metrix to report costs for months that straddle the two seasons?


If your bill straddles two seasons, Metrix will apply a portion of the bill to each season. Unfortunately, this is hard wired in.

There are two workarounds I know of:

1. You could adjust the season starting and ending dates so that the bills no longer straddle the seasons, and land completely in one or the other season (but this could be time-consuming); or

2. You can use a workaround to make Metrix calculate the rate correctly during crossover months:

a. Add a fuel adjustment to the meter

b. Click on the "Demand Charges" box

c. Select the data interval "Billing Periods"

d. during crossover months (in which Metrix is calculating the wrong demand charges) you will enter fuel adjustment amounts. The amount of the fuel adjustment can be calculated using the following equation:

$/kW Adjustment = [ NR - (OD*OR - ND*NR) / TD ]


NR = New Rate (new seasons's charges)

OR = Old Rate (previous season's charges)

ND = New Days

OD = Old Days

TD = Total Days

You should probably use an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the fuel adjustment charges.

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