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Q: What does the number in the bottom left corner of the Modifications form do?


To be clear, here is the text we are referring to:

"The last 365 days of %-change(s) or offset(s) entered in the first X rows through mm/dd/yyyy will auto-repeat thereafter on a 365-day cycle except in manual rows."

The X is the number we are referring to.

Suppose you expect to save 2000 kWh every Jan, Feb, Mar for the next 10 years. You would have to type in 2000 kWh for those months for each of the 10 years, which comes to about 30 entries. Since no one likes to type in the same numbers again and again, we added a feature that will take one year of data and automatically replicate it down to further years. (This, of course, is the number in the bottom left corner of the factor history form.)

Suppose you selected Monthly, Yearly or Quarterly, for Time Periods in the Factor History form. The number that you type the bottom left represents a row in the factor history form, and a corresponding date for that row. (You can also see the date associated with that row in the bottom left corner of the factor history form.) Metrix will take 365 days worth of data starting with the row number that you entered working backwards. This data is then copied to succeeding 365 day periods. So, if you choose monthly periods, and you type in a 12, it will take 365 days worth of data, starting with the 12th row working backwards, and will copy that to all succeeding years.

Suppose you select billing periods, rather than monthly, and suppose you type in some measure data on the 10th - 23rd rows. Then to copy that data down, you would enter into the bottom left field in factor history, 23. Then Metrix would take the 23rd row and its associated date, and count back 365 days. It would take those 365 days worth of data and copy that down to succeeding years.

If you selected billing period, rather than monthly, you may notice, that although it appears that Metrix did copy the data to succeeding years, the numbers in the succeeding years are different from those in the first year. Why? This is because Metrix prorates data. If the billing period in the first year had 30 days and the billing period in the second year had 15 days, then Metrix would assign only half of the amount to the second year's bill because there are only half as many days in the bill.

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