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Q: How should I set up Metrix 3 on a Network?


There are several ways in which you can set up Metrix for a Network. The method below assumes that you want to share libraries and data files, which is the most common configuration.

1. Install Metrix normally, put it all on the network drive

2. Create a folder on each workstation, call it Metrix

3. Copy from the network Metrix directory 2 files

a. metrix.ini (application settings) 1 kb

b. metrix.exe

4. Put these two files in each workstation's Metrix directory

5. Open the Metrix.ini file on the workstation, and you will have to reconfigure it

    You will need to retype in addresses to Main

    instead of


    you would change it to


   (here I assumed user originally put Metrix on the M drive)

6. Remove the metrix.exe and the metrix.ini files from the network

7. Each workstation will have to get a separate registration number

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