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Q: How should I add a bill-match if my tuning period is less than 365 days?


I am assuming the following:

  1. You selected a tuning period with perhaps 12 bills,
  2. but the total number of days in the 12 bill interval is less than 365 days.
  3. And you have a large gap in bills between the end of the tuning period and the beginning of the performance/installation period.
  4. So what you are getting is strange modification numbers that are being generated for future months.

As you know, the simplest solution is to just add one more bill to the beginning of the tuning period, retune with 13 bills, and the modifications should work fine.

But if you cannot, then I would say your best bet is to:

  1. Figure out how many days your tuning period does span.
  2. If the tuning period span is nearly 365 days, then determine how many day short of a full year you are
  3. Now, for the number of days you are short (hopefully not many at all) plus one or two for good measure, you can add a dummy bill for that many days. For example, if your last bill date for your tuning period was March 25, and you are 4 days short of having a full 365 day year, then make a dummy bill for March 31 (4 days + 2). For the usage, put in an average kWh/day * #days. So if there was 1200 kWh in March's bill, and 30 days in the bill, then you would have an average 40 kWh /day multiplied by 6 days = 240 kWh for that period. For demand, just keep it the same as the demand for the prior month (March).
  4. You don't have to do anything in tuning view. It doesn't matter how many bills you tune for, modifications will always look for 365 days.
  5. Now go back to your modification, and look at the modification amounts for future months that Metrix generated. They should now make sense.

Because you cannot get an extra bill that brackets the tuning period, you have to do this (if you want to use modifications). It is not perfect, as it adds a little slop to the calculations, but if you have to do so, it is a fair method, and it should not affect results significantly.

This method is not recommended if you have tuning periods of 355 days or less.

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