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Q: I cannot verify the Cooling Intensity with hand calculations. Why?


The cooling intensity field in the Building Data Form has units of sq-ft/ton. You may be led to believe that this figure is a measure of how much cooling capacity is available for a given building. This is not true.

The cooling intensity field is the ratio of summation of zone cooling loads converted into tons and the building square feet. So the cooling intensity field is a measure how much cooling is required by the zones, not how much cooling is available to the building.

To complicate things, and possibly answer your next question before you ask it: the cooling intensity looks at zone loads and not system loads. The difference between the two is:

  1. system loads subtract zonal equipment (i.e. furnaces, heat pumps) directly attached to zones, if any
  2. system loads include ventilation loads from AHUs, loads due to oversized fans and fan heat, while zone loads only include ventilation from zonal equipment.

In sum, cooling intensity is the a measure of cooling required by the zones without the added load required by system level ventilation.

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