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Q: How to provide a heat source for desiccant cooling?


To provide a heat source to a desiccant cooling wheel, you need to assign a heating item to desiccant cooling. In the detail screen of a heating item, you select what the heating item serves, include desiccant cooling.

If you do not assign a heating item to desiccant cooling, the heat will be assumed by MarketManager to magically appear. To get a fair analysis of desiccant cooling, you must assign a heating item.

If you want to use waste heat for desiccant cooling, then assign an item to be a waste heat provider. In MarketManager, you cannot assign desiccant cooling to be a waste heat receiver, so you must instead do the following:

  1. make sure that the desiccant wheel is using less heat than the waste heat provider is providing.

  2. if it is, then do not assign any heating item the task of providing heat for the desiccant wheel.

  3. Now, the desiccant wheel will magically assume that it is receiving enough heat to operate.

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